About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people through learning and contribute to the sustainable development of the global economy

Manabink LLC (Manabink Limited Liability Company) is dedicated to everyone, /regardless of nationality, age or gender, “Connect through Learning”. By understanding and connecting, we can eliminate prejudice and discrimination and create a basis for mutual growth and development.


[Business for foreign employees working in Japan]

・Foreign employee training: In order for foreign workers to work comfortably in Japan, we teach them the basics of business in working in Japan such as Japanese business manners, Japanese business customs, Japanese corporate culture, Japanese compliance, and HoRenSo in foreign languages such as English, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

・Providing information in foreign languages: We provide useful information about what foreigners need to know to work in Japan (taxes and social security) and about jobs and businesses mainly online in foreign languages.

・We provide fee-based recruiting services mainly for foreign nationals in the IT industry as well as a variety of other industries.

[Business tour business for foreign visitors]

・We teach Japanese manufacturing and philosophy management to non-Japanese managers and executives mainly in China and India. They visit leading companies in Japan and receive lectures directly from executives, visit factory sites, and offer learning in Japan. Usually, we conduct a tour for about a week and visit mainly companies in Kanto and Kansai areas.

[Overseas inspection and seminars for Japanese business people]

We give Japanese business people opportunities to learn from overseas. We hold seminars at the headquarters of Alibaba in Hangzhou, China, and visit IT companies in Shenzhen, China for example.

Ryoji Shimada

Manabink LLC president

He studied abroad at Stockholm University and graduated from Chuo University School of Law. He joined the biggest textbook publisher in Tokyo and was mainly in charge of editing English dictionaries and teaching materials, as well as producing textbooks for cross-cultural education. After that, while he was engaged in writing, and editing as a vice-editor-in-chief of English monthly magazine on Japanese business at PHP Institute founded by Konosuke Matsushita (founder of Panasonic), he planned, managed, and gave lectures on training seminars for foreign managers as a senior research staff of Konosuke Matsushita. Also, as the representative of the non-profit organization SIEN (Registered by Saitama Prefectural government) established in 1997, he has been engaged in social activities related to the promotion of cross-cultural understanding and exchanges. He is a National Licensed English interpreter, a certified real-estate notary, an IT engineer certified by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, a professional lecturer at Japan Learning Co., Ltd.


Manabink LLC lecturer

After graduating from the Ho Chi Minh Open University in Vietnam, she worked as a Japanese language teacher for technical interns at a language institute. After that, she studied Japanese business course as a student at Akamon-kai Japanese Language School. It is a supervision organization and is in charge of supervising foreign trainees. Trainees will be trained in business etiquette, work time management and liaison in Japan. She also knows how to deal with Japanese businesses and companies. She also provides job placement and advice for foreign students. Her hobbies are tea ceremony and flower arrangement, and he is interested in Japanese traditional performing arts.

Company Name: Manabink LLC (マナビンク合同会社)
Tokyo Head Office
21-12-4, Sakaecho, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114 -0005, Japan
TEL: +81 50-5806-8364 Email:

Head Office:
14 14, Sakura Ward 2, Saitama 338 0823, Japan

Date of Establishment: October 1, 2019
Name of financial institution: SMBC Urawa Branch