Japanese Job Interview -- (6) What Is Your Motives?

(6) Job Interview – Why do you want this job?

■Motives for application

Recruiters use this question to assess your professional strengths, career plans, level of your understanding about their company, etc. Make use of your previous job experience and what you have done so far, and think about your motivation for applying to contribute to the company. That's why you need to know the company's characteristics and its industry in advance, otherwise you won't be able to give a clear reason for applying. Why not other company in the same industry? When asked, be sure to answer logically. Overall, answer in the following way: "I decided to apply for this position because I wanted to use my experience of … in my previous job to contribute as … in ~, your company, and to grow myself."

<Examples of Good Motivation>

Drawing on my experience in my previous job, I want to be involved in group accounting at your company, which will go public in the future, and I hope to contribute to the settlement of accounts. I have about three years of accounting experience at a manufacturer and have been in charge of dealing with various corporations. It was difficult to manage the figures because the payment method and delivery date differed depending on the business partner, but I believe that this made me acquire the habit of doing things ahead of time.

As an example, there were about 7% of companies that delayed payment every month, so I took improvement measures. For companies with 2 months in a row of delayed payments, we contacted our sales representatives a few days before the scheduled payment date, and contacted the local accounting representatives by email. Through cooperation with other departments and business partners, we were able to reduce the delayed payments from 2% to 7% within 6 months.

At present, I am studying to acquire Level 1 of Nissho Boki to further improve my skills. I want to grow as an accounting and financial specialist in your company.

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