On what terms would you accept a work transfer in Japan?

Personally, I like being transferred, but young Japanese people are relatively unwilling to be transfered. Many people want to live in a town they are accustomed to. So under what conditions do they accept the transfer order? This is the survey result.

On what terms would you accept a work transfer?

  1. Entitled to a housing allowance
  2. Getting a pay rise
  3. Getting my desired job
  4. Appropriate and temporal period
  5. Getting a promotion
  6. Getting an interesting job
  7. Can live together with my family
  8. Good working environment
  9. Can live in my desired city
  10. Entitled to a transportation allowance to visit my family's hometown

Source: At Home Co., Ltd. conducted among 300 men and women in their 20s and 30s living in Tokyo

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