Office Etiquette for Eating and Drinking

sweets at the workplace in Japan

Office Etiquette for Eating and Drinking

One of the etiquette in Japanese offices is drinks and food. Can we eat and drink at work in Japan? The answer is not general. Each company has its own culture. Most companies allow you to drink on the job. Some foods are not good. Some places don’t permit chewing gum. It used to be no problem to smoke at a desk, but now any company doesn’t allow you to do that.

But most of the offices, you are allowed to have some sweets. So that’s why this kind of service has started.  Ezaki-Glico, a manufacturer of confections and other food items, has come up with this product that offers an assortment of snack foods priced at a uniform 100 yen. When the items are sold out, a company sales rep will visit to replenish the stock. It’s not really a vending machine, as customers are expected to abide by the honor system to make payment. 

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