Japanese Job Interview -- (9) Job Interview Techniques

Japanese Job Interview -- (9) Job Interview Techniques in Japan

Interview techniques are only common sense. The interviewer is also human, so the evaluation criteria are different from each person. But there are people who are liked by everyone. As proof of that, it is common that one person gets job offers from many companies. The best interview technique is getting used to the interview. If possible, you should practice mock interviews with your friends or experience the actual interview many times. If you are offered a job, it is your choice whether you can decline it or not.

Have a liking for the interviewer

There is a Japanese proverb, "If there is a fish heart, there is a water heart." Remember to thank the interviewer for their time after entering the room. As the saying goes, "Others are mirrors of themselves" if you treat them favorably, the interviewer will accept you favorably.

Tone your speech

Saying without intonation sounds like reading in a monotonous voice and makes them wonder if it's really something you think about or really want to say. It doesn't grasp the interviewer's heart, and it gives the impression that you are not good at communication. They are not able to see your desire to enter the company, so you are not hired. When you talk in an interview, please be aware of the way of speaking, speak a little louder where you want to emphasize or appeal for example.

Give a precise backchannel

A good speaker listens to the other person well and good at backchannel. The interviewer also wants your reaction to see if their story is being understood. If you do back-channeling and show your understanding in a proper way, your impression will be much better.

Be aware of conversation like playing catch

At the interview, you need to answer the questions immediately and put them into words. This is also a point to check the speed of your brain and instantaneous response. Let's try to have a conversation like playing catch. Don't keep talking too long.

For difficult questions to answer

Sometimes the interviewer's questions are hard to answer. Specifically, questions such as "You may be asked to do things other than your usual work, but is it okay?" and "You have a lot of work and often need to work overtime, but are you okay?" If you want to get hired, you want to say, "that’s no problem." And you tell why it's okay.

Say the number of items to answer first

For example, Q: "What is your reason for applying?" A: "There are 3 big ones. One is …, the second is …, and the third is ...." In this way, saying the number of points first makes it easier for the listener to understand. Also, the person who answers the question can prevent it from getting out of focus or becoming too long. This is a simple technique that makes your thinking logical.

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