The Reasons That You’d Like to Change Your Job in Japan

It seems that most people have at least once considered changing jobs after entering a company. The biggest reason for this desire appears to be the pay. When respondents were asked, before the above question, “Why do you work?”, for all age groups the top two answers were “for my daily life” and “to earn money,” while the younger the age group, the greater the tendency to choose “to earn money” as one’s motivation. “In order to further my own growth” was a popular response for both men and women in their 20s, while the answer “in order to have a more fulfilling private life” was given by a high percentage of both men and women in their 30s.

Looking at the reasons for wanting to change one’s job, the above results can be related to the answers of “because I want to further my career” and “because I want to feel satisfaction.” In contrast, as a reason for NOT wanting to change one’s job, the most common response was “even if I did quit, it would be tough to find a new job,” followed by “because I feel rather comfortable in my present workplace,” and “because I experience satisfaction in my current work,” in that order.

I wonder whether or not the same sort of results to this kind of survey would occur in our readers’ countries as well?

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