What Qualities Are Looked for in New Company Entrants This Year?

1. Humble

2. Cheerful

3. Adaptable

4. Hardworking 

5. Modest

6. Has drive to get ahead 

7. Has the power of endurance 

8. Dedicated

9. Has guts 

10. Willingly takes on new challenges  

Looked at overall, an attitude of being flexible and listening to other people’s opinions is reflected in the top-placed rankings. Qualities such as “being calm,” “expressing one’s individuality,” and “innovation” seem to have been ranked near the bottom.

There is a trend for the type of new company entrant who has the adaptability to meld into the harmony of the workplace and has the ability to absorb things, to be preferred to the type who brings individuality or new values to the workplace. Also, items related to having an energetic stance, such as “has guts” and “willingly takes on new challenges” drew greater positive responses from males than females, while women were far more likely than men to vote for items related to sociability, such as “humble,” “adaptable,” and “able to read the atmosphere.” This shows that men hope for energetic types of new company entrants, whereas women hope for new entrants who can fit in easily to the workplace environment.

Source: Lifenet Insurance Company (Conducted in 2019 among people aged 20 to 49 years old.)

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