Wrist memo for a forgettable person

In the old days, people used to tie a string round their finger to remind them not to forget something important. Now, Tokyo-based Hi Mojimoji Corporation has introduced this fashionable accessory that’s warn around the wrist. Its name is LIST-IT, which is based on a play on words. (Since Japanese lacks an “L” sound, “List” and “Wrist” are pronounced the same.) After writing down a memo in pencil or maker pen, the band is looped around the wearer’s wrist and securely fastened by a groove cut into the small end. Constructed of paper for easy disposal, the 28.2 centimeter (11.1 inch) length will fit most adult’s wrists. LIST-IT is sold in single-color packs of 20 (in a choice of 11 different colors) for 315 yen ($3), or 1,260 yen ($12) for a multicolor pack of 100.

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