Environmental Initiatives Are Prerequisites for Leading Companies in Japan

The Dentsu advertising agency released the results of a consumer awareness survey conducted in February. The greatest topics of social concern were “the environment,” followed by “natural catastrophes” and “the tax system.” Among environmental concerns, “global warming” was named first, followed by “environmental pollution” and “nuclear plant accident/spread of radioactive materials.” The survey showed a high degree of favorable views and trust toward companies that address environmental concerns. Among concerns toward environmentally friendly products, electric home appliances were rated highest, followed by shampoo/hair care and cosmetics products and food and beverages. The high percentage (74.9%) of survey respondents who believe companies should adopt environmental measures is seen as significant.

  1. Home appliances 256
  2. Detergent/hair care, cosmetics 82
  3. Food and beverages 78
  4. Automobiles 76
  5. Paper products, stationery 67
  6. Housing materials 48
  7. Personal computers and peripherals  22

Source: Dentsu Survey of 1,000 men and women aged 15-64 in the greater Tokyo area

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