Different Desires in Japan and China

Source: Survey of 1,500 Japanese and (between age 20 and 69) and 1,440 Chinese (between age 29 and 59) by the Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living.

Japanese people don't have anything to buy

The Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living, the research arm of the Hakuhodo advertising agency, last July conducted a survey consumer desires towards goods and services both in Japan and China. While the desire for clothing and travel were high by consumers in both countries, the desire among Japanese consumers to purchase large home appliances was comparatively low.

While 71.5% of Chinese responded they had a particularly high desire for something, only 30.3% of Japanese gave a similar response, suggesting that the percentage of Japanese with a particular desire to purchase something was comparatively lower.      A majority of households in Japan are already equipped with appliances and set up with internet connections, so their average lifestyle is already convenient enough. Therefore it is supposed this is why more of their responses showed a desire for travel, recreation or interest in other “experiences” that cannot be obtained merely through living convenience.

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