Live in Japan: Japanese lifestyle and its social culture
Pros and Cons about Hosting the Olympics

By Ryoji Shimada Have you been to Tokyo before? What do you think of the cityscape of Tokyo? Don't you think it's beautifully maintained? Actually, the Olympics being held in Tokyo (as of July 28) has something to do with this. As was the case with the previous Olympics held in Tokyo in 1964, the […]

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About Japanese companies and Japanese business people
10 Secrets/Rules to Get Ahead and Promoted in a Japanese Company

Ryoji Shimada, staff writer As a non-Japanese, you might think, “I came to Japan as a temporary worker and was only planning to live here for a short time.” However, after living here in Japan, you found that it is safe, the city is clean, it is convenient, and there are many Japanese people who are kind and reserved. […]

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