We Help You Find a Job in Japan!

Are you looking for a job in Japan? Want to live in Japan? We can help you. In March of this year, we registered as an authorized employment agency and obtained the proper license. We don't take money from the job seekers, but we take a commission from the company that we had successfully introduced them. There is no cost to the job seeker.

Japan's population will continue to decline and the aging of the population will continue to increase. The most serious problem is the decrease in the number of working people. Japanese people are very sensitive to immigration, but considering the current economic situation and the decrease in the working population, Japan's economy will not be able to run without hiring foreigners as workers.

Therefore, we provide support to foreigners so that they can work in Japan with peace of mind. First of all, we will introduce you to a job, a house to live in, and support your daily life and Japanese language skills. We will also provide opportunities to interact with Japanese people so that you can become familiar with the community.

Although entry into Japan is currently restricted due to the coronavirus, we will support those who wish to enter Japan and work in the future. Foreigners who are currently living in Japan are also welcome. We can meet the needs of various foreigners, such as international students who are thinking of finding a job in Japan after graduation, those who are thinking of changing jobs in Japan, and those who have IT skills and would like to work in Japan for a year or two, etc.

Please let us know what kind of work you are looking for and if you have a LinkedIn account, please let us know. 

We have a variety of job opportunities for foreigners, from part-time jobs to full-time contract jobs.

Let us help your dream to work in Japan! 

Find Jobs in Japan for non-Japanese

Here are some job listings that non-Japanese can apply for. There are currently about 500 full-time jobs available for foreigners. We are mainly focusing on IT industry, but we have various jobs in many different industries. Please feel free to ask us what kind of jobs we have.

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