Manabu + Link = Manabink

Manabink is a coined word for study and link.

Manabink connect people through learning and help grow and develop each other.

Manabink supports foreigners who want to work in Japan. At the same time, we support Japanese people to learn various things from overseas. We help foreigners and Japanese work together to achieve the best results.

Kobe Luminarie “Light of Hope”
September 15, 2020
Japan’s Soft Power
September 14, 2020
Japanese people are punctual but waiting can be positive in Japan
September 13, 2020
Creative Jobs in Japan
September 12, 2020
Tiny but High-tech Japanese-style hotels
September 11, 2020
What is Koban in Japan? Friendly Police Stations
September 10, 2020
Japan’s Robot Technology Cutting Edge: The World Is Watching Japan’s Robot Technology
September 9, 2020
Research on Japanese females
September 9, 2020
International Marriage in Japan
September 8, 2020
Japan’s Cheap but Delicious Food
September 7, 2020
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