Ninja Sword or Shinobi Gatana how different?

The length of a normal Japanese sword is about 70cm, but a Ninja sword is about 40cm, making it very compact. In addition, Ninja swords do not have the curvature of the blade, which is unique to Japanese swords. The short, warpless shape of the ninja sword was created to suit the activities of the ninja.

The warp of a Japanese sword is a very effective shape for slashing people because it can cut things with less force, and the longer the blade, the wider the attack range.

Using the scabbard to search obstacles
Using the scabbard to search obstacles

On the other hand, the main mission of the ninja is not to fight, but to conduct espionage activities by sneaking in unnoticed by the enemy. The ninja technique is a survival art, a fugitive art (escape), and an information gathering art.

To gather information, the ninja puts on a good face and enters into the enemy's midst sometimes. In other word, if they could accomplish their mission without fighting, so much the better, and if there was a chance to escape, it was important to do so without fighting.

For this reason, swords were made shorter and less warped in order to avoid hitting or tripping over obstacles such as trees or walls when running.                          

Other characteristics of Ninja Sword

Climbing over a tall fence with a ninja sword
Climbing over a tall fence with a ninja sword
  • In the case of moving forward in the dark, the scabbard is hung at the end of the sword so that it can be used to search ahead, and if it hits something, it can be thrown away and attack immediately.
  • If you take it off, you can use it as a snorkel for the art of Suiton.
  • Ninja weapons basically have two or more usages and can be converted into various things.
  • With a square tsuba, ninja sword is used to stand on and rest the foot on to climb over a tall fence. 

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