Find a Job that Fits You in Japan (3): Find Your Passions

Let's Discover Your Passions To Find Your Suitable Job in Japan

Have you read the previous article, "Find a job that fits you in Japan (1): Find Your Values" and "Find a job that fits you in Japan (2): Find Your Talents"? If not, please read them first to find your values and talents. As we discussed in the article (1), to find a job that truly suits you, it must satisfy three elements: "values," "talent," and "passion." In this article, I would like to talk about "passion." Passion is what you love to do. Everyone has something they love to do. It is something you enjoy doing and find fulfilling. Yet, how does this differ from (1) values? Again, we have 29 questions for you to answer. Where does your passion lie? Answer the questions to find your passion. However, please exclude topics such as games like video games, etc.

29 Questions to Find Your Passions

  1. What did you like when you didn't have to think about work or money?
  2. Are there any topics that excite you or categories that make your heart beat faster?
  3.  What makes you happy? What are your favorite areas that you can tell from this question?
  4. If you could do anything you wanted without worrying about money, what would it be? Please answer these questions without making any judgment about what you could or could not do.
  5. If you could be respected by everyone around you, what would you do?
  6. What is the most interesting thing you have studied so far? What is your favorite field of study?
  7. What are you currently learning or studying? What does this tell you about your favorite field?
  8. When you were in elementary or junior high school, what did you want to do when you grew up? What attracted you to that job? What does this tell you about your favorite field?
  9. What was your favorite pastime in elementary school? You genuinely like doing things that you did on your own without anyone telling you to do them.
  10.  What is something new you want to try now? What does this tell you about your favorite field?
  11. Of all the books you have read, what is your favorite? What does this tell us about your favorite field?
  12. What problems or complexes have you overcome or would like to solve? What does this tell you about your interests?
  13. What do you feel are the problems in society today? What does this tell about your favorite field?
  14. What have you spent more money on? What does this tell you about your favorite area of interest?
  15. What do you like to talk about with family and friends? What does this tell you about your favorite area of work?
  16. If you had a week off, what would you like to do? Please be as specific as possible. What does this tell you about your favorite field?
  17. What is generally expensive but feels cheap to you? What is your favorite field of work?
  18. What do you want to do but have not yet done? What does this tell you about your favorite field?
  19. What are your hobbies? Please write down your hobbies in three time periods: elementary school, junior & senior high school, and now. Hobbies are things you do even if you don't get paid for them. Please list them regardless of whether you are good at them or not. What are your favorite areas of interest?
  20. What do you search for most often? Please write about your three periods: elementary school, junior & senior high school, and now. What is your favorite field of study?
  21. What was your favorite subject in school? What does this tell us about your favorite field of study?
  22. What is your favorite TV show or program? What does this tell you about your favorite area?
  23. What is your favorite thing/genre/person that "saved your life"? What are your favorite things, genres, or people?
  24. Ask your family, friends, and other close people, "What areas do you seem to be interested in? Ask them.
  25. Think about your past. What are the topics that have consistently interested you?
  26. Look back at your "work purpose." What are the areas in which you could bring those values to life? Are you interested in any of these areas?
  27. What projects, jobs, or activities have you done that you did not enjoy at all? What areas do you find you are not interested in?
  28. Think about it objectively. What interests you in general?
  29. What are the people you follow on social networking sites? Are there areas of continuous information that you are very interested in?

100 Specific Examples of One's Passions

examples of passions

What is your passion?

Did you answer the 29 questions above? You don't have to answer all of them, but I hope you now have some idea of what your passion is. Some of the questions may have had similar implications, but I hope you now have a concrete idea of what you are interested in. Now, to give you an even more concrete picture, we have listed 100 specific things that you could be interested in. Please find the same things in this list that match your passions identified in the 29 questions above. Please find at least 15 of them if possible.

  1. International
  2. Management
  3. Architecture
  4. Games
  5. Cartoon
  6. Martial Arts
  7. Books
  8. Home
  9. Politics
  10. Agriculture
  11. Musical Instruments
  12. Animation
  13. Food
  14. Electricity
  15. Welfare
  16. School Education
  17. Show business
  18. Medical Support
  19. Electricity
  20. Marriage
  21. Family
  22. Entertainment
  23. Food & Beverage
  24. Graphic Design
  25. Trains
  26. Nutrition
  27. Toys
  28. Nursing Care
  29. Psychology
  30. Business - Sales
  31. Computer
  32. Career
  33. Religion
  34. Business
  35. Marketing
  36. Animals
  37. Space
  38. Tourism
  39. Airplanes
  40. Movies
  41. Newspaper
  42. Language
  43. Real Estate
  44. Advertising
  45. Outdoor
  46. Natural Environment
  47. IT
  48. Theme Park
  49. Music
  50. Economy
  51. Travel
  52. Photography
  53. Product Design
  54. Relaxation
  55. interior design
  56. Motorcycle
  57. Events
  58. Magazines
  59. Legal
  60. Security
  61. Love
  62. Government
  63. Automobile
  64. Alcohol
  65. Sports
  66. Philosophy
  67. Art
  68. Bridal
  69. Funeral
  70. Boat
  71. performing arts
  72. Beauty
  73. TV
  74. Confectionery
  75. Training
  76. Medicine
  77. Childcare
  78. Transportation
  79. Forestry
  80. Singing
  81. Fashion
  82. Cooking
  83. Civil Engineering
  84. Medical technology
  85. Rehabilitation
  86. Tobacco
  87. Consulting
  88. Finance
  89. Administrative
  90. Medical Treatment
  91. Sex
  92. Stationery
  93. Service
  94. Logistics
  95. Leisure
  96. Flowers
  97. Robot
  98. Hotel
  99. Real Estate
  100. Chemicals


Were you able to find 15 or more specific things that fit your passion? Then, what kind of jobs are available that fit you considering the other two factors: values and talents? What kind of jobs are available in Japan, and how can I find a job that fits me? Please contact Manabink LLC. We can help you find the right job in Japan.

300 Types of Jobs in Japan

  • Corporate Sales : Sales to corporations and companies.
  • Personal Sales : Sales to general consumers and individuals.
  • Route sales/rounders: Propose new services to existing customers and follow up with them.
  • Telephone appointment scheduler (tele-appointment scheduler): Provides information on services and products to customers over the phone and makes appointments.
  • Sales Assistants : Back up salespeople by preparing quotations and proposal materials in place of salespeople who are usually out of the office and unable to work at their desks.
  • Planner/Advisor/Consultant : Plan and propose various plans to solve customers' problems and increase profits.
  • Temporary staffing coordinators: Manage temporary staff, introduce and arrange work.
  • Sales Executive Candidate : Manages staff in the sales department.
  • Sales Others : Sales work other than the above.
  • Administrative and office work
  • General clerical work: General clerical work such as preparing documents and answering phone calls and e-mails in the office.
  • Accounting work: Manage receipts and disbursements, keep ledgers, and organize vouchers.
  • Sales Clerical Work: Support sales staff in the sales department by placing and receiving orders, preparing documents for internal and external use, and responding to telephone calls and e-mails.
  • Receptionist/Secretary : Receptionist and secretarial work at corporations and companies.
  • Organizing vouchers and data entry : Clerical work to input data on a computer.
  • Telephone support/call center : Work in a telephone answering center that serves as a contact point for user inquiries.
  • Human Resources, General Affairs, and Legal: Work related to human resources, general affairs, and legal affairs.
  • Planning, Marketing, and Public Relations : Work to conduct market research and plan promotions and new services and products for sales promotion.
  • Insurance and finance-related work: Work related to insurance and finance, such as reception at store visits and preparation of contract documents.
  • Clerical and office work and others : Clerical and office work other than the above.
  • Apparel/Shoes : Customer service and sales work at stores dealing in apparel and shoes.
  • Convenience store : Work at a convenience store, such as checkout and product dispensing.
  • Supermarkets and department stores: Customer service and sales work at supermarkets and department stores.
  • Home electronics retail stores: Customer service and sales work at home electronics retail stores.
  • Cell phone stores and cell phone sales: Customer service and sales work at cell phone specialty stores, mass merchandisers, and stores that sell both cell phones and other cell phones.
  • Interior and sundry goods sales: Customer service and sales work at interior and sundry goods stores.
  • Drugstore/cosmetics sales/registered sales personnel: Work in drugstores and cosmetics stores to serve customers and sell cosmetics. If you handle over-the-counter drugs, you must be qualified as a registered salesclerk.
  • Bookstore, rental, and CD stores: Work to serve and sell customers at bookstores, rental stores, etc.
  • Home improvement stores and car accessory stores: Work to serve and sell customers at home improvement stores and car accessory stores.
  • Accessories and Jewelry : Customer service and sales work at accessories and jewelry stores.
  • Flower store : Customer service and sales job in a flower store.
  • Pet Shop : Customer service and sales in a pet store.
  • Store Manager/Manager (Sales) : Store Manager/Manager of a store.
  • Sales and others : Sales jobs other than the above.
  • Food and Beverage
  • Family Restaurant : Work as a waiter or kitchen staff at a family restaurant.
  • Fast Food : Front desk and kitchen work at fast food restaurants.
  • Izakaya / Dining Bar : Hall and kitchen work at Izakaya and Dining Bar.
  • Cafes and coffee shops: Work in cafes and coffee shops as a front desk and kitchen staff.
  • Ramen/Udon/Soba: Work at Ramen, Udon, and Soba noodle restaurants.
  • Yakiniku and shabu-shabu restaurants: Work in the halls and kitchens of yakiniku and shabu-shabu restaurants.
  • Sushi, Japanese food, set menus : Sushi, conveyor-belt sushi, Japanese food, set menus at restaurants.
  • Food court : Customer service and kitchen work at food court.
  • Bakery/cake shop/sweets store : Customer service and kitchen work at bakery/cake shop.
  • Home Delivery : Delivery of food such as standard pizza and sushi.
  • Bento / Take-out food : Customer service and kitchen work at bento and take-out food restaurants.
  • Cook/assistant cook : Work as a cook or assistant cook at ryotei (Japanese-style restaurants), ryokan (Japanese-style inns), and hotels.
  • Hall staff: Hall staff at restaurants in general.
  • Kitchen staff : Kitchen work in all kinds of restaurants.
  • Hall + Kitchen : Work in the hall and kitchen in all kinds of restaurants.
  • Washhouse and dish washing : Dish washing work in all kinds of restaurants, inns, and hotels.
  • Tasting : Tasting and tasting recommendations mainly at supermarkets, department stores, and event venues.
  • Store manager/manager (food & beverage): Store manager or manager of food and beverage establishments.
  • Food, Beverage & Food Other : Other Food, Beverage & Food jobs.
  • Service, Security, and Cleaning : Service, Security, and Cleaning jobs.
  • Showroom/Real Estate : Customer service work at showrooms and real estate agencies.
  • Gas Station : Customer service work at gas stations.
  • Dry cleaners : Customer service work at dry cleaners.
  • Car rental, dealership, and used car sales: Customer service work at car rental, dealership, and used car sales.
  • Travel agency/tour conductor : Customer service and tour conductor jobs at travel agencies.
  • Funerals and Ceremonies : Work to provide services at funerals and ceremonies.
  • Wedding and Bridal : Work at wedding and bridal halls to provide services.
  • Newspaper Store : Work at a newsstand.
  • Moving : Work at a moving company to pack, remove, and carry furniture.
  • Car wash, pit service, and tire change : Work at car accessory stores, gas stations, and dealers to wash cars, perform pit service, and change tires.
  • Security guard/supervisor : Work as a security guard or supervisor.
  • Traffic Guidance : Work related to traffic guidance.
  • Cleaner/room make-up : Cleaning of public facilities, offices, factories, etc., and room make-up work at hotels, etc.
  • Building/House Cleaning : Cleaning of buildings and private homes.
  • Janitor : Janitor of buildings, condominiums, etc.
  • Meter reader: Checking meters for electricity, gas, water, etc.
  • Sampling : Work to distribute samples and flyers in stores, on the streets, and at events.
  • Front Desk and Receptionist (Service) : Work at the front desk or reception in the service industry.
  • Store manager/manager (service, security, cleaning) : Work as a store manager or manager in the service, security, or cleaning business.
  • Service, Security, and Cleaning Other: Work in service, security, and cleaning other than the above.
  • Karaoke : Work as a receptionist at karaoke parlors, serving food and beverages, etc.
  • Pachinko : Work at pachinko parlors, counters, wagon staff, etc.
  • Movie theaters, game centers, bowling alleys: Work related to amusement facilities.
  • Hot springs, public baths, and super public baths: Work at hot springs and relaxation facilities.
  • Golf Courses : Work at golf courses as receptionists, course management, caddies, etc.
  • Gyms and swimming pools: Reception, management, and training coach at gyms, swimming pools, and other training facilities.
  • Hotels, inns, and pensions: Reception, bathroom management, and cleaning at lodging facilities.
  • Ski Resort : Work at ski resorts including rentals, ticket stores, stores, restaurants, etc.
  • Event and campaign staff : Work for various events and campaigns.
  • Store Manager/Manager (Event/Leisure/Entertainment) : Store Manager/Manager jobs at amusement/leisure/entertainment facilities.
  • Other Events, Leisure, and Entertainment : Other events, leisure, and entertainment jobs not listed above.
  • Cram School Teacher/Home Tutor : Cram school teacher and home tutor.
  • Nursery school teacher/kindergarten teacher : Nursery school teacher/kindergarten teacher jobs.
  • Instructors and coaches: Instructors and training coaches for hobbies and lessons.
  • Examination Supervisor : Supervising examinations such as qualification examinations and mock examinations.
  • Education, culture, sports, and others: Education, culture, sports, and others other jobs not listed above.
  • Barber : Barber and barber assistant.
  • Hairdresser : Beauty therapist and assistant beautician.
  • Hair, Make-up, Make-up, Dressing, Stylist : Hair, Make-up, Dressing, Stylist and Assistant.
  • Esthetician / Nail Artist : Esthetician, manicurist, and assistant.
  • Relaxation Therapist: Work to heal body and mind with specialized techniques such as yoga and aromatherapy.
  • Front Desk / Receptionist (Barber / Beauty) : Work as a front desk / receptionist at a barber / beauty salon.
  • Store manager/manager (hairdressing/beauty): Store manager/manager of a hairdressing/beauty facility.
  • Assistant (hairdressing): Assistant for tasks related to hairdressing and beauty.
  • Other jobs other than the above
  • Nurse : Nurse job.
  • Assistant Nurse : Assistant Nurse.
  • Nursing Assistant : Assist nurses by assisting in examinations, cleaning instruments, and assisting patients in various ways.
  • Midwife : Midwives work as midwives.
  • Public health nurses: Work at public health facilities such as municipalities, companies, and schools to provide health guidance and health checkups.
  • Medical office work/receptionist : Work in a medical institution to perform clerical and accounting work.
  • Medical technicians: Medical technicians perform specialized duties at medical facilities, such as radiology technicians and physical therapists.
  • Care Worker : Qualified care workers provide nursing care for the elderly and physically disabled.
  • Care manager : A care manager prepares care plans and coordinates and manages nursing care services.
  • Nursing care workers/helpers : These workers provide assistance to people who need nursing care in a variety of settings.
  • Nursing care clerks: Work as clerks and receptionists at welfare facilities and nursing care service offices.
  • Dental Hygienist and Dental Assistant : Dental hygienist and dental assistant.
  • Pharmacist : Pharmacist and registered sales person.
  • Osteopath/Judo therapist : Osteopath and judo therapist.
  • Nutritionist / Dietitian : Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian
  • Cooking and assisting in cooking in a medical facility.
  • Occupational Therapist : Work to restore the functions of daily living of persons requiring nursing care.
  • Physical therapist : Work to restore the basic functions of the body of persons requiring nursing care.
  • Children's guidance counselor and after-school children's support worker: Work to support children's healthy growth at children's homes and school children's clubs.
  • Counselors: At nursing homes for the elderly and facilities for the disabled, they are responsible for a wide range of tasks, such as health management of users, planning of assistance plans to improve the environment in the facility, planning of events, and consultation and trouble-shooting for daily life.
  • Service Provider Manager: This job involves planning nursing care plans at home-visit care facilities, giving service instructions to home helpers and amanagers, and coordinating their services.
  • Vocational Instructors and Employment Support Workers: Provide guidance on tasks necessary for employment (vocational instructor) and support to help people find employment (employment support).
  • Medical, nursing care, welfare, and others: Work in the medical, nursing care, and welfare fields other than the above.
  • Driver/Delivery
  • Small/Medium Truck Drivers : Small and medium truck driver jobs.
  • Large Truck Drivers: Large truck driver jobs.
  • Other Driver: Truck driver jobs other than the above.
  • Taxi/Hire Bus Driver : Taxi, hire car, and bus driver
  • Motorcycle Delivery : Pickup and delivery by motorcycle.
  • Driver's Assistant : Attend trucks and carry in, carry out, clean up, etc.
  • Dispatcher/Roll Call Staff : Dispatches trucks and buses and conducts roll call.
  • Pick-up and Drop-off Drivers : Pick up and drop off fixed customers.
  • Home delivery and delivery service: Home delivery and delivery service.
  • Light Cargo : Work to deliver goods using a light car.
  • Newspaper and milk delivery : Deliver newspapers and milk using a moped or car.
  • Drivers/Delivery and Others : Driving and delivery jobs other than the above.
  • Assembly, inspection, sorting, picking, and packing: Assembly, inspection, sorting, picking, and packing in factories and warehouses.
  • Light Work : Light work in factories and warehouses.
  • Food manufacturing, processing, inspection, and packing: Work to manufacture, process, inspect, and pack products in food factories.
  • Machining/machine operator: Operate machines and supply materials at factories.
  • Forklift, slinging, and crane work: Forklift, slinging, and crane work in factories and warehouses.
  • Machine maintenance: Inspection, repair, and maintenance of machines.
  • Quality control, production control, and process control: Work to control quality, production, and processes in the production process.
  • Equipment maintenance/facility management/inspection : Work to perform equipment maintenance/facility management/inspection.
  • Home work/work at home : Work that can be done at home.
  • Line Operator : Work on factory production lines, operating machines and other equipment to manufacture, process, and inspect products.
  • CAD/CAM operator : Drafting/programming work using CAD and CAM.
  • Welding : Welding work in factories and warehouses.
  • Product manufacturing/processing: Manufacturing/processing products in factories.
  • Manufacturing, Factory, Warehouse and Others : Manufacturing, Factory, Warehouse and Others jobs other than the above.
  • System Engineer (SE) / Programmer : SE / Programmer jobs.
  • OA-related jobs: Document preparation and data entry using personal computers.
  • User Support : Work to respond to inquiries from users and customers by telephone or e-mail.
  • IT/Engineer Other : Jobs other than the above for IT/engineers.
  • Creative/Editorial/Publishing : Jobs for Creative/Editorial/Publishing staff.
  • Web Designer : Jobs for web designers.
  • Designer/Illustrator : Designer/Illustrator jobs.
  • DTP Operator : DTP Operator jobs.
  • Designer/Draftsman : Designer/Draftsman jobs.
  • Printing/Bookbinding : Printing/Bookbinding jobs.
  • Proofreading / Editing : Proofreading / Editing jobs
  • Writer/Reporter/Photographer : Writer/Reporter/Photographer
  • Mass Media Related : Mass media related jobs.
  • Creative/Editing/Publishing Other : Other creative/editing/publishing jobs not listed above.
  • Cook / Nutritionist : Cook and Nutritionist jobs.
  • Tax Accountant/Accountant : Jobs for tax accountants and accountants.
  • Interpreter/Translator : Jobs related to interpretation and translation.
  • Trimmer : Jobs for trimmers.
  • Research and development related jobs.
  • Massage therapist, acupuncturist, acupuncture and moxibustion therapist
  • Mechanic : Maintenance and mechanic work for automobiles and machinery.
  • Police officer/self-defense official : Police officer/self-defense official.
  • Repair and maintenance : Repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment.
  • Painting : Painting for all kinds of products and materials such as buildings, metal, wood, and automobiles.
  • Welding and sheet metal : Welding and sheet metal work.
  • Electric, water, gas, and air-conditioning installation work: Work involves electrical, water, gas, air-conditioning, and facility installation work.
  • Landscaping : Design, design, and construction of gardens and parks.
  • Professional and others : Specialized jobs other than the above.
  • Architects: Design and supervise the construction of buildings.
  • Civil Engineering Work : Work related to civil engineering works in general, such as road construction, river construction, and sewerage works.
  • Heavy equipment operator: Operate heavy equipment such as excavators and cranes.
  • Site Supervisor: Supervise construction sites for civil engineering and construction work.
  • Carpenters, steeplejacks, and craftsmen: Carpenters and steeplejacks work on civil engineering and construction sites, specializing in specialized fields with skilled skills.
  • Slings and cranes: Slings and crane work at civil engineering and construction sites.
  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and livestock industry: Work in agriculture, forestry, fishing, and livestock industry.
  • Decontamination Worker : Decontamination work.
  • Civil engineering, construction, agriculture and fisheries, etc.

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