Tokyo Landscape Diorama!

Looking down Like a Bird

“Urban planning requires a ‘man’s-eye view’ and a ‘bird’s-eye view,’” says Minoru Mori, president of MORI Building. So the team of 20 corporate staff started making an exquisitely detailed 1:1000 scale model of Tokyo in 2002. This model was later enlarged in 2009 and used to designate potential sites for Tokyo's bid for the 2020 Olympics. Now it measures roughly 15 meters by 17 meters in size.

Each building was photographed to make sure it had the correct texture and color. The materials utilized are only Styrofoam and paper. The entire process took about 14 months, but it will extend even further after the completion of all the seven sub-centers of Tokyo.

   Every six months the team reviews the mock-up and makes adjustments. Tokyo Sky Tree, which boasts a height of 634 meters, is soaring high.

   The mock-up is not open to the public, but organizations wanting to invest or start businesses in Tokyo can arrange for group visits.

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