Japanese Elderly People Are Going Online: Reasons Why Seniors Are Glad to Be Wired

Japanese elderly going online
As a result of a one-year survey released last January, without reference to specific equipment or manner of usage, it was found that Internet utilization among people in their 60s and 70s continues to increase, with 57.0% of the former and 23.3% of the latter making use. When asked to identify good points about the Internet, “communication” and “information” are the main factors as in the graph above. Some responses to the survey, such remarks as “I was overjoyed to get emails from my grandchild” or “I was told by my family, ‘Recently you’ve really perked up!’” show the positive change in their outlook thanks to Internet usage. With the number of people in Japan age 65 and over now approaching 30% of the total as of 2020, Internet utilization by seniors can be expected to take on increasing importance.

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