Work In Japan: The Wisdom Born from Your Sweat and Labor Is the True Wisdom

The Wisdom Born from Your Sweat and Labor Is the True Wisdom

There are many job opportunities available for foreigners in Japan. From IT-related jobs to manual labor jobs at construction sites, there is a wide variety of work available. No matter what kind of work you do, you need to be prepared to work in a foreign country. What is especially important is the experience you gain through your work. This experience is very important. First of all, be enthusiastic about your work. There is always something you can learn from it. If possible, work with enthusiasm, and the people around you will recognize you.

In terms of capability, you are fine with a score of 60.  As for enthusiasm, however, you should be second to none.

In addition, you should always make an effort.  Do not be swayed by the current trend.  The more quickly you go up the ladder, the more easily and quickly you will fall down.  Do not risk your life to make easy money at the odds of winning a lottery.  Making diligent and consistent efforts is the basic and essential principle.

Do not hesitate to sweat at your work.  Spare no effort in performing your task. It is because the wisdom born from your sweat and labor is the true wisdom.

When we listen to the opinions of scholars or critics, we often feel that they are mere desk theories.  In fact, it is almost impossible that these theories work in the real world directly.  The theories have to be tested and polished in the wild waves of society.  This is reality.

While working with sweat and tears, while persisting in your efforts, you will learn the true wisdom.  It will then become part of your mental makeup.  Because this wisdom is a real thing, you will then be able to persuade, motivate, and impress other people.

When we meet and talk with the president of a successful company, we do not always feel that he or she is such a capable person.  But it is true that his or her company is doing very well.  On the other hand, there are a lot of unsuccessful companies though their presidents look very smart and actually use witty words and phrases.

We can feel that the presidents of successful companies have the know-how for managing their companies even if they speak in a halting way.  We can feel that they have something indescribable inside them.  What they have inside them is the wisdom they have acquired through their sweat, labor, and experiences.  This is the secret behind their success.  This is the secret behind their power of persuasion.  Because of this wisdom, they can motivate their employees and attract customers as well.

You Can Grow by Reflecting on Your Conduct Repeatedly

You Can Grow by Reflecting on Your Conduct Repeatedly
You Can Grow by Reflecting on Your Conduct Repeatedly

On top of that, make sure to reflect on your work every day. By reflecting, you will be able to move forward step by step.

Reflection is necessary not only when you have failed.  Reflecting on your conduct is, in a sense, to have some back-patting time for yourself.  At the end of each day, take some time to relax and think over the actions you have taken on the day and the good or bad points about them.  Only by going over each event of the day and learning from it, you can avoid repeating the same mistake.  Remember every little success and do it again.  Use your ingenuity to make it better.  Never make the same mistake.

You can grow by thus reflecting on your conduct repeatedly.

If you don’t reflect on your conduct and just forget everything whether good or bad, you can’t accumulate anything in your life.  However old you become, you can’t mature as a human being if you have nothing accumulated in you.

When you look back on the events of a single day, you will find a lot of things to think over again.  This thorough self reflection will open the door for you to make innovations in every aspect.

Looking back on the events of the day is just an ordinary thing that anyone can do.  However, the accumulation of ordinary deeds brings an extraordinary result.

In these days, the term self reflection seems to be mistaken for something not cool.  However, all the people who want to succeed should understand this term correctly.  In fact, those who can correctly reflect on themselves are always successful.

After going to bed every night, Konosuke Matsushita always took some time to reflect on what he had done that day.  Here are his words:

“Those who reflect on themselves correctly are always successful.  If you reflect on what you have done, you will know exactly, as a human being, what you should or should not do next.  But if you don’t reflect on what you have done, you will never learn.  You will therefore do the same thing and make the same mistake.  That is, those who do not reflect on their conduct can never grow as human beings.”

(Ryoji Shimada)

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