How to use "hanko" seal in Japanese business

It has been decided that the Tokyo Olympics will be postponed for about one year. You can see this image on the internet just for a joke. But it is a good learning tool to know Japan's business practice. Seals are often used in Japanese business.

There is a seal "森" on "0" and "1" under it. If you make a mistake, you need to correct it with your name seal "hanko". 森 is the head of 2020 Tokyo Olympics Committee. And to approve this correction, there are two other seals on the top right. 小池 is the Tokyo governor and 安倍 is the prime minister of Japan. They are 森's bosses, so they stamp their seals for endorsement.

This is a common practice in Japanese business. So it is a good learning example to understand the Japanese business even though this is a joke.

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