What type of person are you as a Japanese?

Many people are spending more time at home because of coronavirus. It seems that people who usually go out and stay active are more likely to suffer mental damage. Especially in South America and southern Europe, body touch and physical contact are common, so it must be very hard to experience a lock down. How about Japanese people? It might be okay mentally. According to the results of the next survey, many Japanese people originally like to stay at home.

What type of person are you?

  1. Like to play games or surf the Internet at home (14)
  2. Live your life in your own way (7)
  3. Prefer staying home to going out (16)
  4. Take good care of your family and close friends (3)
  5. Prefer comfortable and easy clothes (8)
  6. Go to a convenience store often (2)
  7. Needing an uncluttered mind to concentrate on something (5)
  8. Important to you to make your dream come true (10)
  9. Have a desire for self-improvement (9)
  10. Dream of a living a notch above an average lifestyle (4)

Source: ASAHI SOFT DRINKS CO., Ltd. (Conducted among men in their 20s.)

* Figures in parentheses are results among men in their 30s and 40s.

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