Undesirable traits of newly entered (newly employed) graduates

Yesterday we reported the results of our survey on the problems faced by new employees, but today we show how others in the same company are dissatisfied with those newly employees. It is important for foreigners who are planning to work in Japan to avoid these complaints.

Undesirable traits of newly entered (newly employed) graduates

  1. Often come to work late
  2. Can’t greet clients/customers properly
  3. Don’t make reports or communications sometimes
  4. Don’t consult with their seniors and fail to act responsibly
  5. Don’t dress properly
  6. Don’t answer a ringing phone
  7. Come to work just before the starting bell
  8. Having an untidy desk
  9. Don’t know the ABCs of a PC
  10. Don’t study for work-related licenses or qualifications

Source: ASAHI SOFT DRINKS CO., Ltd. (Conducted among business persons in their 20s and 30s)

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