Shiseido’s Eudermine

Shiseido Eudermine

When speaking of a representative cosmetics manufacturer in Japan, the first one that probably comes to most people’s minds is Shiseido.  Shiseido was early to promote sales in China and other foreign countries and has now become a proud Japanese brand throughout the world.  Did you know that the cosmetic product that Shiseido first put on sale is still being sold today?  It is the face lotion Eudermine in the distinctive red bottle known for its moisturizing power.  So, let’s take a look at the history of the Shiseido brand and Eudermine.

1. Shiseido’s Eudermine makes the skin feel moist.


2. Shiseido

Beginning of the Meiji era (1868-1912)
Arinobu Fukuhara who had studied at Daigaku Toko (currently the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Medicine) had been serving in the navy, but retired.

I want to promote better medicine.

3. 1872
Arinobu Fukuhara (23) established Shiseido Pharmacy in Tokyo’s Ginza.

4. In the Chinese classic Yi-King (the Book of Changes), there is a phrase “banbutsu shisei” that means that all things are born from this (great Earth).

I’ll name the store Shiseido.

5. At that time, sales of inferior medicine was rampant. Although high priced, Shiseido offered high quality medicine. Shiseido also put its efforts into advertising and became known by people.

Hair growth tonic
Medicine for stomach troubles, ---

6. Mr. Fukuhara, the navy has a problem with tooth powder because it blows away in the wind. Is there anything you could do to help?

I see.

7. 1888
Japan’s first toothpaste Fukuhara Safety Tooth Paste went on sale.

Although it cost 10 times more (approximately 25 sen or 0.25 yen) than regular tooth powder, it sold extremely well.

8. The women that frequent Ginza are still using old-fashioned face powder and rouge cosmetics.

9. From now on, cosmetics need to be backed up by science.

For beautiful skin, basic skin care is important rather than surface makeup.

10. I’ll consult with Dr. Nagai who was my junior in medical school.

11. I want to find a component based on Western medicine that is an effective moisturizer.

Dr. Nagai

Such a cosmetic would be epoch making.

12. This is it.

13. Eudermine

It’s a deep red liquid.

Because it is mildly alkaline, it will become neutral and transparent when applied to the skin.

14. It can make beautiful skin.

I mean good skin.

In Greek, eu means good and derma means skin. I’ll name it Eudermine.

15. I also want the bottle to be highly stylish.

Let’s use an art nouveau style.


16. 1897
Japan’s first high-quality face lotion Eudermine went on sale.

At that time, 25 sen

17. When Eudermine was advertised in newspapers as Japan’s first real cosmetic, it quickly became popular.

Shiseido’s “red water”

18. I want to open a soda fountain like those in America where people gather and can also purchase items.

19. The store later became Shiseido Parlor.

20. The son Shinzo Fukuhara subsequently took over the business. The company developed perfumes, Nanairo (seven color) face powder, Furorin and other products, growing as a cosmetics manufacturer.

Shiseido’s mark was an eagle. From now, we’ll use an elegant camellia.

Camellia mark designed by Shinzo

21. 1923
Shiseido was destroyed in the Great Earthquake of 1923.

22. To recover, we need the cooperation of all sales stores throughout the country.

We’ll make a store chain from the stores that can support us, distribute bulletins to them, share information and sell products that meet the customer’s needs.

Predecessor to “Camellia”

23. The Pacific War interrupted the manufacture of cosmetics. After the war, however, the production of Eudermine was restarted.

24. Among the numerous Shiseido products that were subsequently born, Eudermine continued to be enjoyed as the “red face lotion.” To reduce cost, however, the bottle design was changed to one having no distinctive features.

25. The Shiseido cosmetics business is approaching its 100th year. Let’s take a fresh look at Eudermine that was the starting point of our cosmetic products.

26. Let’s further improve the face lotion Eudermine. Let’s use scientific research of the skin to renew Eudermine as a higher multifunctional face lotion that is not sticky with greater moisturizing power.

Let’s also design a completely new type of bottle.

27. 1997
A new Eudermine was born totally coordinated by a French designer.

Eudermine in a large size made its appearance.

28. It’s slightly expensive, but since it eliminates dry skin and keeps my skin moist I can’t live without it.

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