What do you do on a commuter train?

The coronavirus has led to a culture of telecommuting, but now that the virus has stopped spreading, people are starting to go to work again. It is not unusual for people living in the suburbs of Tokyo to spend an hour each way to work. So what are they doing on the train?

  1. Read a business magazine (4)
  2. Read a newspaper broadsheet (6)
  3. Sleep (2)
  4. Listen to music (1)
  5. Send email (3)
  6. Look at advertisements (10)
  7. Read a tabloid newspaper (11)
  8. Read news on a cell phone (8)
  9. Surf the Internet (7)
  10. Play with a portable game device (9)

Source: SOMPO JAPAN DIY LIFE INSURANCE CO., LTD. (Conducted among businessmen in their 40s)

* Figures in parentheses are results among businessmen in their 20s.

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