Staple-free Stapler in Japan

With the ongoing campaign to sort waste for more efficient recycling --- as well as wider utilization of paper shredders --- more people are opting not to use metal stables when fastening sheets of paper. Now “Harinacs” from stationery maker KOKUYO has introduced a new system that enables neat fastening of papers using the paper itself. Two types are available. A hand-held, single-hole type that secures up to four sheets, and a desktop, adjustable two-hole punch type that can secure up to 10 sheets. Harinacs, by the way, is pronounced hari nakusu, which is Japanese for “ridding (use) of staples.” The hand-held item retails for 1,155 yen ($13) (available in five colors) and the desktop for 5,775 yen ($65) (black only), respectively.

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