What is Japanese people’s attitude toward work?

1. I can get something other than money. (2)

2. I have misgivings about the future of my work. (1)

3. I want to keep the same job for a long time. (5)

4. I am looking for a job that suits me or one I enjoy. (3)

5. I want to experience various kinds of jobs. (8)

6. I want to attain my goal or realize my dream through my job. (7)

7. Working is only a way to make money. (4)

8. I have something I am trying at the moment to realize my dream. (9)

9. If I could, I'd rather not work. (13)

10. It is OK to quit a job if I don’t like it. (6)

Source: INTELLIGENCE.LTD (Conducted among 22-year-old non-permanent workers)

* Figures in parentheses are results in 2018

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