About Japanese Millennials Behaviors

About Japanese Millennials Behaviors
About Japanese Millennials Behaviors

What is "F1 stratum" (F1層) in Japan?

In Japan, many companies and the mass media focus on females between the ages of 20 and 34 years who are said to be most enthusiastic toward consumption and sensitive toward new trends. They like overseas travel and famous brand goods, and spare no expense toward investing in themselves. They are also enthusiastic toward advancing their careers and encouraging their children’s education. Those females are often called, "F1 stratum" or F1層 in Japanese.

What is "Mr. Café au Lait" stratum?

Marketers have designated the male counterparts of such females as “Mr. Café au Lait.” One aspect of these men is how they exhibit feminine interests and appearances; yet they are masculine in terms of how they encounter women or their enthusiasm toward self improvement. It is from this blend, of feminine behavior and masculine characteristics, that they have been tagged with the description Mr. Café au Lait. For example, in response to questions concerning a  high interest in fashion or beauty culture, a combined total 59.5% of Mr. Café au Lait types say such a situation applies or applies to them to some degree, as opposed to 31.2% among those with a tendency toward being a Café au Lait type, and only 9.3% for so-called Mr. Average types. About 40% of total respondents to the survey were found to have a “Café au Lait” mindset.

Mr. Café au Lait as an Influencer

Among their characteristics as determined by responses to the survey: 1. Such males discuss love with male colleagues; 2. They show a tendency towards self-assertiveness when meeting women (60% said they take a positive approach); 3. They have a high degree of desire for self improvement, with seven out of 10 saying they “wanted to be promoted, even if it meant being busy”; 4. Irrespective of the same or different sex, they tended to be strongly influential, with 70% having the experience of “a friend used a product that I had recommended”; and 5. They are also keenly enthusiastic towards consumption. Do these trends reflect behavior happening only in Japan? Or are similar trends taking place all over the world?

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