Canned-food Bar Trendy in Japan

Bars that offer, in addition to drinks, a menu of canned food items --- referred to as “Can Bars” --- have begun catching on in Tokyo, Osaka and other major cities. The canned items include yakitori (grilled chicken), stewed fish, fruits, rice mixed with vegetables and others. The variety numbers in the hundreds. The prices for canned dishes are inexpensive, ranging from 200 ($2) to 500 yen ($5), and drinks at such establishments are also comparatively cheap, making it possible to enjoy a few drinks and snacks and still get back change from an outlay of 2,000 yen ($20). Their casual atmosphere also makes them popular with women who might be reluctant to walk into a regular bar.

There are also numerous benefits for the operators of such establishments. For instance, as canned foods have a long shelf life, this cuts down on “ingredients losses.” And preparation requires minimal efforts, since all that need be done in most cases is to simply open the can and heat the ingredients. This makes it easier for the bar to be run by a single operator, placing minimal risks on new business start-ups --- which is why many such operators are young.

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