What Are the Main Goals of 20-year-old Japanese?

What Are the Main Goals of 20-year-old Japanese.
What Are the Main Goals of 20-year-old Japanese.

To graduate from an institution

Save money

Obtain certification in some field

Get hired or line up a job

Obtain a driver’s license

Find a lover

Expand social contacts

Study abroad


All (1,024) Males (500) Females (524) Source: SEIKO HOLDINGS CORPORATION

Last year, in a survey of 20-year olds asked what goal they hope to achieve within the coming three years, the most common reply was “graduate,” followed by “save money.” Interestingly, the 59% of female respondents who replied “save money,” was considerably higher than the 46.8% so stated by males. Conversely, as opposed to 38.4% of males who said “find a lover,” just 28.8% of females gave the same response. These may suggest that 20-year-old females are more levelheaded than males of the same age.

Of things the respondents said they wished they had done more of, two --- study and play --- at 52.8% and 50.6% respectively --- exceeded more than half of all respondents. Others, in descending order, included save money, stated by 44.4%; expand social contacts (40.1%); do part-time work (39.9%); engage in romance (39.6%); do sports (32.6%); travel (32.5%); engage in club and circle activities (29.7%); play music (28.6%); read (28.0%); and perform volunteer activities (15.9%).

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