Ways to Boost One’s Mood During the Rainy Season in Japan

Ways to Boost One’s Mood During the Rainy Season
Ways to Boost One’s Mood During the Rainy Season

Soak in a relaxing hot bath, Drink coffee, tea or herb tea, Drink alcoholic beverages, Go on drives, Eat out at restaurants, Do exercises such as stretching or yoga, Go to health-oriented spas or for massage, Prepare elaborate meals, Other, Nothing in particular

Source: DO HOUSE Inc. survey of 1,199 males and females ages 25~69

From June through the middle of July is Japan’s rainy season (except on the northern island of Hokkaido). The graph above indicates the results of a survey on what people do to boost their moods. It’s clear that Japanese enjoy relaxing in the bath. But 30% of the respondents said they had no particular way of dealing with the rainy season. When asked if they liked the rainy season, 83.6% of respondents replied no, as opposed to only 3.8% who like it, while another 12.6% were noncommittal. Among the write-in comments among people who like the season were such remarks as “It’s relaxing to listen to the sound of rain,” “I like to see fresh greenery and seasonal flowers (called ajisai, hydrangea),” “The air feels good after a rain” and “I enjoy dressing up in fashionable rain gear.”

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