Find Amusement in Your Work and Have an Experience for at Least 3 years

Find Amusement in Your Work and Have an Experience for at Least 3 years

Even if you are enthusiastic enough about your work, you will experience hardships before achieving certain results. It will also take you some time to achieve results. Therefore, it is essential to maintain your motive power to continue to work enthusiastically. This is not to say anything special. Rather, it is very simple and ordinary; the key is to find amusement in your work and keep on working while enjoying it.

It will be difficult to succeed if you work unwillingly just to hit the target. With such an attitude, you will not be able to find new things, make improvements, or promote efficiency. Above all, you will feel your work as a pain.

On the contrary, if you can find amusement in your work and proceed with it, you will naturally come up with various ideas that you will want to try or that seem to be useful for getting better results. Then, you will enjoy your work even more. You will be able to work with appreciation. Even if you appear to others to be having difficulties, you will feel no pain. Instead, you will feel like you can take unlimited pleasure in thinking about your work.
The saying “We tend to be good at those things we like” is true. If you can find amusement in your work and appreciate it, you will surely succeed in it.

Nevertheless, the question remains: What should you do if you were assigned work that you don’t really like? When I am asked for advice in such case, I always advise the person to try to dedicate efforts to the work for three years (except in cases where the person is treated inhumanly by the company).

If you work for a company for less than three years, you may be viewed as lacking in guts or experience. Therefore, if you are working for a Japanese company, it is recommended that you work diligently and patiently for three years unless you are being treated unfairly.

If you come to like your work and enjoy doing it, you can always achieve some positive results. Oddly enough, the world does not leave such a person alone.  You will soon come to receive inquiries such as “I’d like to ask you to do this job” or “If you have a project that you want to do, why don’t you give it a try?” When you begin to receive such inquiries, you will be surprised to know how easily you can now do what you really like.

After all, finding amusement in your current work is the fastest way to move on to what you really want to do.

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