A Simple Question When You Start to Work in Japan

A Person Who Is Always Ready to Give a Good Account of His or Her Company Will Come to the Fore in Any Company.

“Shall I tell you a surefire way to become an executive in the future?” said Konosuke Matsushita, founder of Panasonic Corporation, one of the most revered entrepreneurs in Japan, one day. “The key is in what you tell your family about your company on your first day at the company. That is, when you get back home after working, whether you can tell your family something like “I want to work a lot in this company because I feel it is a very good company.” This is the first step for success. This attitude of mind is the basis for everything.”

If you start working in such a manner, you will tell the same thing also to your friends and relatives when you meet them. It will give them a good impression about your company, which will then be passed on from mouth to mouth. As a result, your company will acquire a better reputation. This will eventually lead to an increase in the sales of your company. There is more to it. You yourself will also earn a reputation among the people around you as being a member of a good company. If you receive a good reputation, you will be proud of yourself and your work, so you will come to work more positively and actively. You will then be able to produce good results in your work. In consequence, you will gain recognition in your company and begin going up the corporate ladder. You will thus step up steadily and finally become an executive some day. This might not be so logical, but Matsushita knew from his experience that it was the way of the world.

Interestingly, however, not many people do such a simple thing as this although there are a lot of people who complain of this and that about their companies. Therefore, a person who is always ready to speak well of his or her company will draw attention in any company. It is because such a person is desperately needed in every company. If this person were not promoted to manager or executive, who else would be qualified to assume the position? It is only natural that this person will move up the promotion ladder to assume the position of executive some day.

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