Japan’s Newly Made Innovative Products

Move It!

“Hakobunder,” an eco-friendly Cycle Trailer from Aichi Prefecture-based Belair Systems, features a gutterless joint (patent applied for) designed to attach to the seat post of most bicycles. The noise-free joint has been specially designed to guard against lateral tipping over. The manufacturer foresees such applications as transporting waste for discarding, working home vegetable plots, bringing home such bulky store items as sacks of rice or cans of kerosene, as well as for various leisure uses. Measuring 1,040 mm in length by 740mm wide by 815 mm high, Hakobunder also offers such options as a plastic carrying case and special reinforced tires. Price for the basic model begins from 29,400 yen ($310).

Step-by-step History in your pocket Riding on the crest of a boom in history, toy manufacturer Bandai has released “Yuuhokei Tenka Toitsu Aruite Sengoku no Hasha to Nare” (roughly translated as become the victor in the civil war and unify the land), fourth in its “Yuuhokei” series of interactive pedometers. While walking the user-preset distance over a 90-day period, the LCD display will help users get acquainted with history of three famous generals from Japan’s tempestuous 16th century: Oda Nobunaga (1534-1582), Takeda Shingen (1521-1573) and Uesugi Kenshin (1530-1578). In addition to providing a history lesson, Yuuhokei also features a “battle mode,” that enables users to strategically dispatch spearmen, archers, mounted cavalry, etc., to overcome rival troops. It boasts a high-accuracy 3D sensor will give a correct count of steps taken whether carried in pocket or knapsack. Bandai has also set up an exclusive web site from which enthusiasts can learn more about 16th century Japan. The price is 4,725 yen ($50).

Portable Chill-out

For salesmen who must make customer calls on a hot day, Beanz Laboratory has come up with a pad that literally sends a chill down your spine. Just fasten an Ice Kairo Clip to the upper edge of the neck at the back of your undershirt, and within three seconds after pressing the button on the pressurized can, its minus 40 centigrade spray will begin cooling you off.  The thin pad uses a three-layer construction that harnesses the principle of evaporation heat with high efficiency, enabling the pad to be made thin, light and flexible. Separately sold 100-gram spray cans of refrigerant are small enough to slip into your pocket. Ice Kairo Clip can also be used to cool down after any vigorous indoor exercise such as tennis, jogging or golf. Price is 2,100 yen ($24).

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