Cup Noodle and Its History, the first instant noodle in the world

Cup Noodle's History

The product introduced here is Nissin Food Products’ Cup Noodle, the world’s first cup noodle.  Fittingly, this year celebrates the 110th birthday of Momofuku Ando, the father of cup noodles.  To commemorate the 110th birthday of the great inventor is the history of its developments about Cup Noodle.

It helps when you’re busy.

Although it’s been nearly 40 years since the birth of Cup Noodle, it still feels new.

Cup Noodle



Momofuku Ando (48) originated the world’s first instant noodles Chikin Ramen (chicken noodle).

Chikin Ramen was an explosive hit.  The company name became Nissin Food Products.


Momofuku Ando went to America on a tour of inspection.

It’s the internationalization of instant noodles.

This is instant ramen.

How do you eat it?

Oops.  I don’t have chopsticks or a bowl.


Glug Glug


If you put the instant ramen in a cup, it will become the container for both cooking and eating.

You can thus eat it anywhere, anytime.

What to do for the lid….

Some nuts, sir?

That’s it.

We’ll use an aluminum lid to seal the container.

We’ll make the container out of styrofoam.

The epoch-making cup noodle was developed by employing their original ideas such as frying the noodles in a cone shape and packing the noodles with the cup upside down.

I’ll name it Cup Noodle so that it’ll spread throughout the world.

It is said that, in Japanese notation, the ド in ヌードル (noodle) was written small to match the English pronunciation of noodle.


The world’s first cup ramen Cup Noodle went on sale.

Heat embossed logo designed by Takeshi Ohtaka

Bottom space improves the hot water convection.

Aluminum-coated lid

Freeze-dried ingredients

Noodles suspended in the middle are tightly packed at the top and loosely packed at the bottom.

The width of the noodles is such that they can be deliciously cooked in three minutes.

During the time when the instant ramen packed in bags cost 25 yen each, Cup Noodle at 100 yen each did not sell well.

Cup Noodle gradually began to be known after test sales with the Self Defense Forces and product demonstrations during pedestrians’ paradise (roads temporarily closed to vehicular traffic).  Cup Noodle became popular particularly among people involved in police work, fire fighting, construction and transportation.

Cup Noodle is convenient.


The Asama-Sanso incident occurred (United Red Army members seized a lodge near Karuizawa taking a hostage).  With scenes of riot police eating Cup Noodle, it quickly gained people’s attention.

What are they eating?

TV commercials began that year.  Cup Noodle became much more familiar.

It can be eaten anywhere as long as you have hot water.

Popularity skyrocketed when curry flavored Cup Noodle was introduced the following year.


Seafood Noodle made its appearance.


Novel TV commercials became topics of conversation.  Around this time, accumulated sales reached 10 billion.

The sales point of Cup Noodle is that it has remained unchanged.  But I wonder if there is no need for a change?

Sometimes a change is necessary.

Koki Ando, President


The conventional styrofoam cup was changed to a paper container the ECO cup.

Let’s change with Cup Noodle.


To increase the products’ value, the minced meat was replaced with roasted pork cubes.  Also, shellfish was added to Seafood Noodle.

It’s changed.

Let’s develop products that meet the health trend.

Couldn’t we develop a Cup Noodle that is light and healthy?

Instead of frying the noodles in oil, we can apply a mist to the noodles and dry them to reduce the amount of fats.

Let’s also add fiber to the noodles to make them healthier.

Cup Noodle Light was thus born.  It has become extremely popular.

Cup Noodle My Range Time that can be prepared in a microwave oven and Cup Noodle Refill with a mug cup that can be refilled with noodles over and over again have subsequently been introduced.

Cup Noodle is always ahead of its time.

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