Bicycle to Work in Japan!

Pandemic Cyclist Fashions

Since COVID-19, more people in Japan have been commuting to their jobs by bicycle. Some are seeking healthy exercise and others ride two-wheelers out of fears that if another major quake strikes and public transport is affected, they will have no means to return to their home. Retail clothing chain AOKI has announced sale of a business suit designed to stand up to the rigors of bicycle commuting. The material is 100% polyester, offering full flexibility. Its pockets feature buttons to prevent contents from falling out. A reflector strip under the collar makes the cyclist more visible while riding at night. The slacks feature a stretchable waistband and the legs are tapered to keep them from becoming entangled in the tires or chain. Crotch and hip sections have been reinforced. The suit material is water-resistant and coated to resist stains, and is also fully washable in home washing machines. The retail price is 53,000 yen ($500).

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