Japanese Youth Type (3): "Hikki Tribe"

Japanese Youth Type (3): "Hikki Tribe"

A tendency to withdraw (hikki tribe)

Members of the tribe in the third quadrant are introverted, with strong computer skills. With an image of having been beaten down by adults and mass communication, withdrawing into their own homes or rooms, and doing nothing but use their computers, they have been named hikki-zoku, the reclusive tribe.

A young man in his early 20s told that he had recently become addicted to the Nintendo DS romance game “Love Plus.” In this game, the player has a romantic relationship with its female character. For example, if she sends him a “good night” email message and he doesn’t reply, she will sulk. Also, if the player wins the “conversation” function, she’ll give him a kiss as a reward.

We must teach members of the hikki-zoku tribe the value of first-hand information and real experience. Or, the necessity of becoming accustomed to meeting and interacting with real people who have very different values.

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